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Momentum (Wireless Flat Panel) Detector

Momentum (Wireless Flat Panel) Detector

#1 Composite User Satisfaction Score of the MD-Buyline Customer Satisfaction Survey, the 14x17 wireless Flat Panel detector is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and is a true cassette sized hospital-grade 16-bit DR Panel with a Cesium scintillator providing the highest image quality possible.

Warranty: 3 years panel (1 year charger)
Unmatched 7 year Lithium-Ion Capacitor Warranty
Imaging Area: 10" x 12" / 14" x 17"
Scintillator: CsI (Cesium)
Rapid Charge (empty to full) – 10x12: 10 min | 14x17: 13 min
10x12 Charge life: > 150 images/4 hrs cont. use*, 8 hrs in stand-by
14x17 Charge life: > 200 images/5.5 hrs cont. use*, 16 hrs in stand-by
Cassette sized
16-bit AD Conversion
10x12: 3.3 lbs | 14x17: 5.5 lbs

20/20 Imaging
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