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LG 17×17 Wireless DXD

LG 17×17 Wireless DXD

Features: Light yet durable carbon-fiber housing; IP41 Rated for dust/liquid resistance; Rapid image availability (3 seconds); Highly sensitive Csl AED detector (16 bit A/D conversion; Lightweight 3.4kg (7.5lb) including battery, and; Maximum Load Weight: Uniform load 150kg (331lb), Point load 100kg (220lb). System Includes: Cassette-sized 43x43cm (17×17″) Digital X-ray Detector (DXD); 3-Bay battery charging station with two (2) Lithium batteries; Lenovo Tiny-in-One (TIO) Workstation: 512GB SSD with 24″ touchscreen LCD; LG Image Acquire Workstation Software (AWS) to DICOM Store/Send/View X-ray Images; Marking Tools, Annotations, CD Burning, Win/Level, Measurements (lines, angles, etc.), and; Automatic Image Stitching/Smoothing.

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