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C-FPT (Cassette Size Flat Panel) Detector

C-FPT (Cassette Size Flat Panel) Detector

The versatile Flat Panel DR system offers images within seconds of exposure and fits easily into smaller x-ray rooms. The 17x17 inch panel produces high quality images and is configurable on multiple chiropractic stands. FP offers true flatpanel technology.

Warranty: 5 years
Image Sensor: a-Si (amorphous Silicon) TFT
Scintillator Type: FP: CSI (Cesium)
Pixel Size: 139um
Pixel Matrix: 3072x3072
Active Area: 16.81"x16.81"
Line pair per mm: 3.6 lp/mm
Dimensions: 18.1x18.1x.59in
AD conv. 16-bit
Available as a part of a complete Chiropractic & Veterinary solution.

20/20 Imaging
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