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C-FPH (Hybrid Flat Panel) Detector

C-FPH (Hybrid Flat Panel) Detector

Enjoy 3 unique operating configurations with the 17x17 hybrid, including full wireless, wired power connection, and wired (fixed) power and data connections. Providing the most in versatility with exceptional image quality, and paired with advanced software features and functionality.

Warranty: 5 years
Imaging Area: 17" x 17"
Line pair per mm: 3.6
Wireless & tethered connectivity
Cassette sized
Battery Life: >3.5hrs
9.50 lbs
Pixel Pitch: 139um
Off-center Imaging
Dimensions: 18.11”x18.11”x0.6”
A/D conversion: 16-bit

20/20 Imaging
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